Meet The Team

Over the last 4 years, we've built a great little team of experts in what we do. We don't have a massive team, just 6 team members, each with their own area of expertise!

Roberto, Co-founder

Roberto, who is co-founder of the business handles all things operations. Essentially, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and nothing breaks!

Roberto (AKA Rob) is a lover of spreadsheets (someone has to), and is responsible for ensuring all your leads and sales get delivered.

Sam, Co-founder

Sam, also co-founder of the business oversees all the creative & marketing. Basically ensuring that your business gets leads!

Sam brings new clients into the business as well as overseeing all the creatives delivered to our clients.

Umar, Client Manager

Umar is a friendly face you'll be getting more and more used to if you join Growth as a client.

Umar handles all client checkins and ensures that your campaign is a success.

Sarah, Account manager

Sarah is our Facebook wiz behind closed doors! Sarah has been with us for a number of years and is an expert when it comes to delivering results with Facebook ads!

She keeps all our client reports up to date and ensures that client performance is consistent every single day.

Keiro, Head Designer

Keiro is a magician when it comes to taking your photos and making them look 10/10. He is our head designer, and his sole responsibility is ensuring all our client's ads look top notch.

Keiro edits all of our video ads and graphics.

Michaela, Customer Success

Michaela is likely the first person you will speak to before you join us as a client. Michaela is in charge of making sure that your experience working with us is as seamless and as easy as possible.